Cookbutler for food photographers

We licence your food photos and recipes

Cookbutler is more than an agency for recipes. We are a technology provider and interface between food manufacturers, supermarkets, retailers, publishers, kitchen appliance manufacturers, nutrition professionals, fitness clubs and many other application developers. The connecting element between all these market participants are recipes. Based on recipes, we generate additional information and dynamic functions that allow all market participants to work together and thus create something new and extraordinary. Learn more about us. However, the foundation of all information and functions is the recipe with a list of ingredients, a description and a photo. And this is where you come into play as a food photographer.

We licence your food photos and recipes

Do you have photos of starters, main courses, desserts, baked goods, cocktails, drinks and everything you can eat and drink? Perfect. Do you also have the full recipe? Even better! If you don’t have one, this is also not a problem: our chefs will write a suitable recipe for your photo! Do you only have recipes? We’ll try to connect you with a food photographer.

Work with us

Get in touch with us and we will coordinate everything directly with you. Depending on whether you only have photos, only recipes or both, we will take your data and import it into our system. A long-term cooperation is very important to us, because at the beginning, we will be putting a lot of work into the processing of the recipes, the standardization and the enrichment of the recipes with further information (nutritional information, allergies, etc.). For this reason, if you decide to provide us with your photos, we ask for a minimum contract term of five years. We share the license fees with the food photographer and the recipe author as follows: photo 30%, recipe 20%, both together 50% for the author. We agree the prices for the licenses individually with the customers. In the case of memberships, 50% of the fees are paid out to the authors, based on the proportion of views to the author’s recipes in relation to the total views per month.

Are you interested?

Please leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. This form only serves to get in touch with us. A cooperation or licensing agreement is only concluded with your consent and with the delivery of your content. We are looking forward to working with you!

Learn more about cookbutler

Browse through our website and the existing recipes. Here you can see the level of detail of the information with which we enrich a recipe. All we need is a list of ingredients and the cooking instructions, and we add all other kind of information and categorize the recipes.

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