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Cookbutler has more than 10 years of experience in the digitalization of the food industry. We started as a B2C startup and had to solve many problems and develop our own technologies on our way into new territory. We have made a virtue out of necessity and now support a wide range of companies from the food industry with our services as a pure B2B recipe agency. In doing so, we can draw on a network of agency partners and food specialists.

Normalization & Standardization

We make your recipes digital and bring them into a standardized database structure with consistent food assignments.

Recipe enrichment

The recipes are enriched with up to 140 data, such as nutritional values, allergies, prices and brand new sustainability values. In the process, we categorize and calculate many ingredients.


Internationalization is more than just translation: language & dialects, measurement systems, plural rules, country availability and much more.

Handy mit code
Programming services

Programming in the food sector requires special knowledge and experience, especially in data structure. Interfaces such as to online supermarkets are our business.

Project business

Marketing, SEO, special projects, initiation of cooperations & distribution partnerships. Our expertise and network are your entry and booster for your success.

Content creation and licensing

In addition to licensing (exclusive) recipes, we can handle all steps from (pre-)production to final editing.

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Laptop with recipes
Normalization and standardization

We make your recipes digital and bring them into a standardized database structure with consistent food assignments.


Whether course or country cuisine, food intolerances or allergies, we generate added value for every recipe.

NEW: Sustainability

We calculate the CO2 value for each recipe and add a sustainability badge to it.

nutritional calculations

We refine your recipes by enriching them with over 120 nutritional values – from calories to vitamins to minerals!


Thanks to our many years of experience in large customer projects, we have the know-how when it comes to different dialect or language versions of your recipes.

Recipe price calculation

We analyse your recipes according to different price levels depending on your shopping behavior.

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Projects we have done for our customers

Internet of Things

Smart fridges

In addition to supplying the smart recipes, Cookbutler also developed its own recipe database for the market leader in professional refrigerators, which translates content into 36 languages and dialects, provided functions at the interface for online ordering and object recognition, and provided other technical services.

Blood analysis


Based on the blood analysis results of our partner, very individual nutritional tips are suggested. In doing so, some new API functions had to be developed, which also required changes to the amount of ingredients depending on the nutritional goal. Thus, the recipes are calculated dynamically depending on the customer.

Food manufacturer

Recipe enrichment

We standardized their own recipes for a European manufacturer of cheese specialties and enriched them with 140 additional data. These are played out on their own platforms and used exclusively. These can be regularly delivered and retrieved via an interface.

CO2 Footprint

Project business

In cooperation with a leading publisher, we develop calculations and filters for the CO2 footprint of recipes. In the future, sustainability will play a major role in the food sector, since nutrition accounts for 26% of global CO2 emissions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

But of course. Recipes are a central and connecting element in the food ecosystem. But recipes don’t make sense for every business model. However, as a recipe agency we understand the complexity and have also developed technical expertise. In addition, we are hungry for new knowledge – and are also creative in dealing with this knowledge and the resulting digital business models. Contact us for a non-binding conversation.

No, the billing here is mainly based on expenses. But since not every project has the same framework, there are also creative forms of calculation. For example, we can offer a flat rate per recipe refinement, which of course varies with the number of recipes and the scale effects. We can also offer flat rates for the production of recipes. Let’s talk and we’ll find a solution.

There are several options here:

  1. Depending on the number of prescriptions, we can agree on a flat rate per prescription. So you have clearly assignable costs.
  2. You also make your recipes available to us for distribution through Cookbutler if you hold the rights to them. This will give you future revenue and save you a large portion of the standardization costs.

It’s best to start with a conversation and you show us your recipes.

The technical implementation is not the main topic for us, since we master many programming languages and frameworks. Much more important for us is the experience in the conception. If, for example, the database is set up incorrectly and many dependencies are not taken into account, the wrong basis can be built right at the beginning, which then flies in the face when success comes and you have no time for changes or even a new set-up. Not to mention the wasted costs.

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