Access smart recipes within a subscription model

The challenges of a recipe database

Most recipes are not written for online use. As a result, many potentials remain unused.

Inconsistent format

Recipes are available as Word files, pdf, Excel, database or even on paper. Mostly inconsistent and not standardized.

Ingredients and quantities

5 carrots, 100 g carrots or a handful of yellow turnips. milliliters or ounces. The reader can handle it, but an online shopping cart?

Important data is missing

Nutritional values, allergies, diets and much more. So far, the editors have been taking great pains to take care of that. This makes finding the right recipe time-consuming.

Restricted Licenses

So far, manufacturer-independent recipes can only be licensed expensively on a recipe basis or integrated by platforms with a backlink obligation.


Various recipes
Smart ingredients and amounts

We know the synonyms and conversion tables for all ingredients and amounts and convert them into a consistent format. This means that every data exchange and every calculation is successful.

Filters and sorting

The search for the right recipe can be filtered and sorted by numerous criteria. Gluten-free high-carb salads for vegans? You name it!

Interface (API)

All data can be queried via an Application Programming Interface (API). And since everything is database-based, third-party APIs can also be connected, such as online supermarkets.

Data enrichment

We add up to 140 pieces of additional information to each recipe, such as nutritional values, allergies, categories, diets, and much more.

Full Content & License

You have access to photos, ingredient lists, instructions and all additional data without having to link to third-party sites. Membership allows access (license) to all recipes!

Dynamic Functions

Our system quickly learns the connections and can recommend similar recipes, suitable appetizers and desserts and soon also drinks.

Benefits of smart recipes

  • Save time with better filter and search options
  • More qualitative and accurate search
  • Better experience through additional information
  • Numerous calculation options
  • Connection to external apps such as online supermarkets
  • Connection to own data points
  • Programming dynamic functions for your own application
  • Personalization for preferences, allergies, historical data
  • Recommendation options for food-drink pairing (wine recommendation) or suitable starters and desserts
  • Nutritional advice on an individual level
  • Recommendation of suitable ingredients, devices and accessories
  • Ingredient branding and audience targeting
  • Content marketing

Bye bye license fee. Hello Membership!

Access to the entire recipe database at a fixed monthly price.

licensable recipes
languages and dialects
different country cuisines

Benefits of the recipe database

Legally safe

All photos and texts have been checked. A license ensures safe use.

Own content

Use the recipes without linking to third party websites.

Smart Recipes

The recipes are database-based, optimized for online use and enriched with lots of data.

Personalization & Filtering

Only access to thousands of recipes enables unusual and diverse recipe searches.

Full cost control

Use at a fixed monthly price, scaled with your business model.

No upfront investment necessary

No upfront costs such as licensing or editorial work.

Recipes by professionals for professionals.

Our recipes are prepared by chefs, written by ecotrophologists, photographed by professional photographers and saved in an extensive database. We set the highest standards for a special kind of food experience. But see for yourself. Search our archive of more than 45,000 recipes.

Use cases

The interface to the Smart Kitchen

Kitchenware Manufacturer

Recipes can be selected, missing ingredients can be ordered and the instructions can be displayed immediately via the refrigerator, food processor or stove. The recipe is at the center of the activity, dynamic functions are controlled via interfaces.

Nutrition, fitness, cooking & Co.


Regardless of whether recipes are at the heart of your business or serve as an add-on: Your app, service or portal will be upgraded and customers will be bound by the use of recipes.

Advertising, print, you name it!

Project business

The application examples are diverse. It doesn’t matter whether you use recipes to print individual recipe books as a print-on-demand manufacturer, create customer or employee offers or provide suggestions for your wine range: there are no limits to the application.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Have you found individual recipes that you want to use separately in your project or in print? Contact us and we will find a solution.

The sources are diverse: directly from publishers, recipe agencies, recipe authors, bloggers and photographers. The recipes have all been successfully tested before being included in the database. The photos show how delicious it looks.

Do you have your own recipes that you want to market via Cookbutler for commission income or advertising impact? Find out more on our food photographer’s page.

That largely depends on the complexity of your app or platform. The requests are implemented within a few hours, but the logic behind your application determines the integration time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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