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A short history about us

No joke: two fellow students meet on a world tour and travel through the Hunter Valley on a wine and food adventure. About us: we are Cornelius and Robert. Welcome! Since we two business graduates with a penchant for good food share similar interests, it is only logical that we later found a company together. Spoiler: the photo is from before the company was founded. After each individual career, it was decided to bring the Swedish cooking box model to Germany, but with the feature of selecting all recipes individually. Cookbutler was founded. And this is where our learning curve begins: the way to get thousands of recipes in the form we needed, to get the selected recipes in the right amount in an online supermarket and have them delivered in the right amount at home with one click, was rocky. And we stumbled. However, we learned from the mistakes because the technology worked great. Only the margins were too small for the effort. So turn around. Since then we have made our knowledge, technology, programming skills and content available to other apps that have found a working business model in B2C or B2B.

Our Mission

Recipes are an integral and connecting element in the food ecosystem. Cookbutler makes its food technology, content and services available to all participants in the food ecosystem enabling them to drive digitization in the food industry and to use interfaces between the players intelligently.

Cornelius Stockmair

Cornelius is the master of the data. He also has “chef” in his blood, due to his family. That goes well together, because the recipes, the foundation of Cookbutler are sacred to us!

Profil Robert Walters
Robert Walters

Robert is the developer. Not a programmer, although he understands them. It’s more about the further development of the product and the customer base.

Do you have questions?

Write to us or call us! We’re actually quite nice. In any case, we are interested in your ideas, because there is nothing more exciting than the digital further development of a business in the food sector.