We market your recipes and food photos

We’re looking forward to working with you. We want to keep the work for you as small as possible. On the other hand, we have to transfer the data into a consistent structure and enrich it. For this reason we have decided not to provide our own recipe upload interface at this time in order to minimize your time expenditure. Therefore, please send us all data in a format that suits you best. The following criteria help speed up the import process.


Choose from one of the following providers to send us the files. If your preferred service is not listed, please let us know:

  • wetransfer
  • dropbox
  • google drive
  • SFTP (send us your access data)

Send all files to

File format

Please always send us the images in the highest resolution in JPG format, compression 100%.

You can send the recipes in an Excel sheet or Word. The following data is necessary:

  • recipe title
  • Number of people (according to the quantity)
  • Ingredients with quantities
  • recipe steps
  • File name of the associated photo
  • Optional: preparation time and baking/cooking time, total time
  • Optional: search terms for the recipe
  • Optional: Short textual description for the recipe

The photos and the recipes can be in one folder, or if the assignment is guaranteed, all photos can be in a separate folder.

Your account at Cookbutler

So that we can work with you and you receive an account, please send us a signed version of the copyright license agreement (download pdf). You will receive a sales report from us at regular intervals (quarterly or every six months) with all the details. Once we’ve built our system, you can log right into your account and download these stats yourself. From 30 Euro we transfer the amount to your bank account. We cannot edit and import recipes until we have your signed copyright license agreement.

Other requirements for the recipe upload

The minimum number of submitted recipes should not be less than 10. If you regularly create photos and recipes, we’d be happy if you send us a batch of at least 10 recipes. The more recipes there are in one go, the shorter the processing time per recipe for us. This speeds up the recipe upload process.

Potential earnings

As soon as we have started the internal recipe upload to our system, we can start marketing. There are several options here:

  1. Members pay a monthly flat fee to use the API. 50% of the earnings are paid to the recipe authors/photographers based on the number of views on the total views per month.
  2. Classic licensing: Customers who do not need recipes on a regular basis can license recipes with photos and pay a one-time fee depending on the use (type, industry, duration, etc.). We are adding this offer to our website.
  3. A hybrid model is also planned, where customers can use recipes as part of a membership, and upon termination license the recipe so that they can continue to use it after the termination of the membership.

How to get started with the recipe upload on Cookbutler

Submit your first recipes and send everything to We look at the quality of the recipes and the data and give you feedback as soon as possible. In our feedback we will also send you the contract again, which you should please sign and return. Then send us all the recipes and photos you want us to have.

If you have any questions, we are always available at this email address. We look forward to cooperation.